Pools For All

Pools For All is a FINA Project that offers standardized tools for the worldwide design, construction and operation of a complete range of sustainable aquatic facilities compliant with the regulations of its different aquatic disciplines.



FINA in recent years has contributed to the development of aquatic facilities throughout the world.

Nevertheless, we are still a long way from having suitable facilities everywhere, even in the most developed counties. FINA has a social responsibility to promote swimming and encourage governments to provide access to facilities for children to learn to swim and enjoy water. One of the core principles of Pools For All is to build aquatic facilities that cater to the needs of the community. Pools For All aims to guarantee that any investment in facilities is well spent and gives value for money.

Pools For All guarantees them an efficient investment. Because one of the intentions of Pools For All is, precisely, to avoid the appearance of new white elephants.

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What for....

Pools for All wants aquatic facilities to be efficient buildings, capable of staging competitions in optimum technical conditions and at the same time be capable of multi-purpose programming.

Pools For All will assist in the design of aquatic facilities so that they can organize events, competitions and championships at different levels and age groups in accordance with FINA and National Federation requirements.

Pools for all will develop a comprehensive catalogue of standardized solutions aimed to ultimately construct a wide range of facilities that cater to local, region and national needs

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Pools for All

The Project

Pools for All establishes a five categories of Aquatic Centre.

The "category" is the key factor that defines the different areas and services that are part of the aquatic center. Pools For All provides the tools for properly and strategically programming thhe daily use and organizing the competitive timetable.

Pools For All intend to creaate a new vision where Architects and Engineers work together to have sustainable facilities, that minimize enviromental impact and energy consumption at every stage of a buildings life. Facility management will be another area that Pools For All will provide assistance. For a facility to be succesful, it must aim to be financially self-sufficient yet service all members of the community.